Summer Vacation: Play Hard, Work Warder

Written on 9:43 AM by Xavier Career Development

“How was your summer break?”
“It was awesome but it went by way too quickly!”
“I know right? I wish summer lasted all year round.”

Summer vacation is everyone’s favorite break because it definitely is the longest vacation, the weather allows for so many fun outdoor activities, and we are able to engage ourselves in time with friends, family, jobs, and play. Summer is also the best season for many people to build their resumes! There are so many opportunities to gain work experience- whether it is through a job or internship, volunteer experience, or even studying abroad! If we do any or a mixture of these, how do we neatly organize our experiences on a resume? What if we did any of or a mixture of all of these activities and want to know how to neatly organize our experiences? That is where the Career Development Office comes into play!

Although we are all on summer vacation, the Career Development Office is still alive and running in the CLC 530! They offer all of the services they offer during the school year: resume help, meeting with career coaches, job search techniques, and so much more. Being able to transcribe the experiences from your summer into clear resume material can be difficult, and the career coaches are more than happy to listen to your summer involvements and assist with putting them onto paper!

If you are a senior like myself, and think that after graduation the Career Development Office is no longer relevant to you, I have to correct you because that is not the case! Xavier alumni are treated just the same as current students: they are offered resume and cover letter help, interview preparation, career exploration, Hire A Muskie and more. So do not fear graduating seniors, Xavier’s motto of “All for One and One for All” truly lives on!

So whether you are working as a country club lifeguard, headed to your dream grad school, or entering the working world come this May, I wish you the best. No matter what you do this summer, every chance is a working and learning experience. My best advice is to keep track of and write down everything you do over the course of vacation: you never know what contact you may want to keep in mind or what job treated you the best! Most of all, enjoy your vacation like it is your last because sadly, eventually there will be no more summer vacations as you grow older. Have a great summer, make it efficient, and as always, Let’s go X!

Graduating Senior,

Jenny Mendoza