Interview Anxiety? Fear No More!

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Job interview. One of the most daunting tasks on your calendar. Also, one of the most important tasks for college students to master.

It is hard to believe that it was my junior year of college before I had my first official interview for an internship. It was incredibly nerve-wracking. But, why? Why does it always seem so difficult to talk about yourself? The essential behavioral questions, strengths and weaknesses, and what if’s; it is almost always the same in every interview. So, for those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about, or for those of you who want to know, read on.

There are helpful hints about acing interviews everywhere you turn. In today’s market there are a multitude of successful and unique students striving for the same positions. We have no choice but to stand out and be remembered. Harvard Business Review author Amy Gallo offers a few quick and easy tips that actually do help, trust me. 

“Prepare, prepare, prepare.” Seriously, prepare. If you walk into an interview without knowing anything about the position, how are you going to market yourself as a perfect choice for that position? Make sure you know the qualities you have that align with the job description and make sure to address those confidently in the interview. Knowing yourself is the easy part. Make sure you also prepare by knowing the brand of the company, their mission and their vision for their employees, as well as their customers. If possible find out who is interviewing you, and dig up all the information you can on them. Prepare yourself by going into the interview knowing all about how you, the company, and the interviewer could be a great match.

“Emphasize your potential.” After all of your intricate preparation you may find that some parts of the job you are vying for are not necessarily your best skills. Keep in mind that no interviewer expects you to know how to do everything on the job description list perfectly. Exhibit the fact that you are willing to learn and that you’re good at learning, after all you are a Xavier student!

“Ace the first thirty seconds.” Your entire life you’ve been told that first impressions make a difference, well, with interviews it’s no different. Look the part, talk the part, and walk the part. Make sure you appear excited to be there, introduce yourself first, and stand up straight. Remember that even if you give a stellar answer to a question a blank facial expression will run it right into the ground. Your body language and facial expressions speak just as loud as your words, if not louder.  

In her article, Gallo offers more helpful tips, so for the full story click here. Make sure to keep an eye out for the post-spring break blog on declaring or changing a major. Until then, remember to take these tips to those interviews!

Good luck Muskies!
Victoria Sabato
Career Development Office Guest Blogger

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