Summer-Work Hard, Play Hard

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Summer. For some of us, we know exactly when that moment may begin- for me, summer begins on May 9th at 12 pm. While we may be able to pinpoint exactly when it is that our summers begin, are we all able to give a definition of what our summers may entail?

Summer is my favorite season and I would enjoy nothing more than catching up with friends, going swimming, and just having fun. As ideal as that sounds for a lot of people, summer actually can be the most productive season for your résumés!  Whether you are traveling, studying abroad, or working, summer is definitely the time to get a jump-start on your career path.

Working or having an internship isn’t the only thing that employers look for when reading résumés. The smallest things that you do can go a long way. A great example of this is volunteering. If you go on a weeklong service trip or just volunteer at the free clinic in your spare time, volunteering is something that employers love to see listed on your résumé. Remember to take down names and numbers of supervisors you worked with in order to use them as a resource later on down the road!

Studying abroad is another great résumé add-on. This shows that although you were not in the country working over the summer, you were focusing on your studies and still gaining great experience establishing yourself around the globe.

Finally, an internship, co-op, or full time or part time job is just as useful as any of the summer options already talked about. Whether it is a new experience or maybe a repeat of an experience from last summer, there is always something to add onto or spice up your résumé.  Keep your eyes open and remember the different ways that you made your work experience one to remember- whether it is updating the company website, creating ads, or promoting the business in your everyday life through social media!

So, whether you are working in a bakery or in a high-rise building downtown, be sure to make the most of your 3 month vacation. You only have so many to embrace!

From Chicago, Illinois
Jenny Mendoza

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