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Don’t you wish you had an insider on the world of work?  Lucky for you that is exactly what Xavier’s Mentor Program offers!  Having a mentor is essentially having a personal expert available to assist your every professional and personal endeavor.   A mentor is just one more way to gain guidance and insight that will prepare you for the real world that we are all so terrified of! 

Senior entrepreneurial studies and English major, Robyn Campbell, shares her experience with the Mentor Program and tells us how it helped her.

The mentorship program is a must-have. I met my incredible mentor, Bill Woods, during my sophomore year. He’s helped me grow academically, professionally, and even personally. As a sophomore, I knew I loved writing and business, but was unsure how to combine the two. Bill encouraged me to pick up a major/minor that incorporated both of my passions, and we discussed the best courses for me to take. He also sent me articles that demonstrated how I could combine my love of Entrepreneurship with my love of writing. On a personal level, we discussed shared hobbies, family stories, vacation plans, and current life events.  He even gave me advice about dating! All in all, I learned a lot from him. I am honored to have him as a mentor, and would highly recommend the mentorship program to anyone who needs academic, professional, or personal guidance.
-Robyn Campbell, Guest Blogger
Majors:  Entrepreneurial Studies & English

The Mentor Program is designed to assist students in developing their character, academic and professional skills and social responsibilities.  Freshmen be sure to keep this program in mind when you head into your second year at Xavier!

The program is not just designed for business majors, I was matched with my mentor as a junior communication studies major.  With a hectic schedule I thought I would never have the time for a mentor; but creating a mentor relationship was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.  My mentor has helped me immensely with my professional efforts; whether it be by giving suggestions for interview attire, helping me to strengthen my resume, or providing me with helpful tips to make myself marketable.  I have met with my mentor in person with my favorite Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino in hand and I have sent my mentor rushed e-mails with a quick advice question.  Whatever it may be, the Mentor Program is an easy process that will provide you with several advantages!  I would highly recommend the Xavier Mentor Program to anyone and everyone striving for professional success!

To participate in the Xavier Mentor Program, attend one of the Information Sessions  in Smith Hall 137.

Until next time Muskies,
Bridget Tully
Career Development Office Intern

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