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Written on 7:03 AM by Xavier Career Development

Anyone who has attended one of Xavier’s Career Fairs can tell you how beneficial they are.  However, unless you prepare properly, a Career Fair can be overwhelming.  Let me share with you some things that I have done in the past to get myself Career Fair ready. 

Going to a Career Fair is a lot like going to the mall; if you do not map out your route then you waste a lot of time wandering aimlessly.  For example, would you walk into a Pottery Barn if you’re searching for a breathtaking Friday night outfit?   No, you wouldn’t.  The same concept applies to the Career Fair.  If an organization is looking for interns with a strong interest in biology, and let’s say bio isn’t your forte, then don’t make that organization a top priority.  Doing your research beforehand and knowing which employers you want to talk to allows you to be efficient and get the most out of your Career Fair experience. 

Tips to Prep
-          Research organizations attending the fair and see which ones match your interests
-          Prioritize the organizations
·         Organizations you LOVE that you can’t leave the fair without talking to
·         Organizations that maybe aren’t hiring now for what you’re looking for but you still want to learn more about them
·         Organizations that if you have extra time you could stop by to network
-          Spruce up that resume & make several copies!  Make a few specific resumes for the companies you have strong interest in and fit well with.
-          Dress to impress!  Make sure you have an appropriate attire prepared
-          Write up general questions so you are ready for any conversation

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, we asked employers attending the fair to give students their best advice.  After seeing the responses, there were a few tips that seemed to be reoccurring…

-          Research organizations that you have a strong interest in!  This will allow you to highlight your strengths in relation to the company and the positions they are recruiting for.  It will also show the employer that you are very interested and informed on the position. 
-          Dress appropriately to make the best first impression
-          Be confident with eye contact and a firm handshake; don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths
-          Be yourself and be personable

Just remember, a recruiting manager might meet a hundred people at a Career Fair so be sure to do everything you can to make yourself STAND OUT! 

Visit the CDO website for more details about the Career Fair and to view the list of employers attending.

Best of luck!  I know you’ll do great,
Bridget Tully
Career Development Office Intern

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