It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Break!)

Written on 1:13 PM by Xavier Career Development

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Is it really? When the month of December rolls around for Xavier students, many of us will have had a small taste of home over Thanksgiving break, and then return back to campus to crank out the last few weeks of work and tremendous amounts of studying for final exams. We can have a tendency to only focus on what is in front of us, and not what lies ahead! Keep your eyes on the prize, Xavier students: Christmas break is not that far away!

Christmas break is definitely the time for enjoying, in my opinion at least, the most wonderful time of the year. Family, friends, and food are sources for a fantastic three weeks away from textbooks, meetings, and emails. It is incredibly easy to spend 3 weeks wearing sweatpants as a result of the massive amount of food you have eaten, lying on the couch both starting (and then subsequently finishing) a Netflix series of your choice knowing you have nothing holding you back. Although this may be the dream for a lot of us, I have faith in you, fellow students. We are more than capable of accomplishing some career-related goals and mindsets while we have time to kick back! Let’s take this slowly, this is a vacation after all, right? By no means am I suggesting we all need to spend our breaks researching internships and jobs, interviewing for them, and finally landing those positions.

Let’s say we are spending the day at home, checking Facebook albums, updating our iTunes, and doing some online shopping looking for that perfect New Year’s Eve outfit. While we are on our laptops, we can write or edit our resumes. After having done so, we can head over to to update our profiles after having browsed so many of our friends’ profiles on various social media accounts. Perhaps we have some information to add from a fall internship we have landed, or update our objective statements for what it is we are seeking in the spring and summer. After having updated our LinkedIn accounts, we can navigate over to eRecruiting to research those possible winter, spring, or possible summer internship and job positions we are seeking!

By now we’ve spent a lot of time hunched over our computers, and should get outside and enjoy the snow and winter weather! Suggest to mom and/or dad a day of bonding! Sit down with them to explain what it is you really are searching for or hope to accomplish in terms of your career path: whether you are graduating in the spring and want to discuss living situations and the location of your dream job, or you are a sophomore and seeking advice on declaring a major. Those older than us always give us wise advice about their career history when it is sought out! While you are out you can also suggest shopping for business/interview attire! What family member wouldn’t want to help you present yourself as professionally as possible, especially when you mention the Spring Career Fair is right around the corner on February 17!

Vacation is the best of both worlds: allowing for productivity as well as good times with those we love. Make the most of your break this year!

Merry Christmas Muskies,
Jenny Mendoza

What Are You Thankful For?

Written on 1:41 PM by Xavier Career Development

Ah, November. The universal sign that fall is drawing to a close, and winter is not far away. November allows us to indulge in pumpkin pie, raking piles of leaves just to jump back into them, and the best part of the month: Thanksgiving dinner. A famous holiday tradition, and one that occurs in my house every year, consists of everyone going around the table stating what they are thankful for before we dig into our meal. Although we may want to just state something general like “my family,” or “the food on this table,” we can take the next few weeks before we go home to really think about our answer.

We students here at XU are so lucky for a number of reasons. On a daily basis, we tend to go through the motions and don’t give them any thought. We get up, go to class, grab a bite to eat, then either head to our jobs or sit down and do our homework. Even though we all have our own routines, there are so many people that can be thanked throughout all these processes- and so many different places and things to be thankful for!

Let’s break this down: let’s start with the first and foremost reason we are all here, to attend class and transition into a career. Just like we get up and mentally prepare ourselves for a day full of lectures, our professors do the same thing! They dedicate themselves to us before, during, after class, and sometimes even on the weekends. Don’t be afraid after your lecture as you walk past your professor just to say “Thank-you!” Trust me when I say they are probably not expecting it, and will most definitely help make their day a little brighter.

So we’ve had a day full of classes and now we head back to our dorms or apartments. We enter a room that has been swept as well as a bathroom that has been cleaned and filled with supplies. The next time we are in our room at the same time as the cleaning staff, feel free to just ask “How is your day going so far?” A little conversation started goes a long way and shows you aren’t taking their service for granted.

Mentors, both those through the Xavier Mentoring Program and ones we have collected over time on our own, are other friendly faces here at Xavier that are looking out for us and genuinely have our best interests at heart. When you meet with your mentor, instead of feeling as if it is another component of your busy day, try to use active listening! Active listening is more than just nodding your head and answering questions. Active listening shows you really are taking to heart the advice your mentor is giving you. An example of this would include responding to your mentor with “That is really great advice!” or “I agree, thanks for the suggestion!” A handwritten thank-you note is also a classic method to deeply show your gratitude for their time and efforts they have spent with you.

So in summary, although Thanksgiving Day may be the primary time where we express what we are grateful for, don’t be shy to let those who matter in your life know that they do so! All for one and one for all never fails!

Behind the bowl of mashed potatoes,
Jenny Mendoza

Year of Service: Living Out Our Ignatian Spirituality

Written on 1:37 PM by Xavier Career Development

“Go to college, a university. Get a real job-that’s what they said to me.” That’s what Joel Madden from Good Charlotte sang about our futures back in the year 2003. But this is the year 2014, and not all of us want to follow the routine pattern of jumping straight into a working environment immediately after graduation. Some of us are pursuing graduate school, and others are considering a year of service: being a man or woman for others and giving their time and talent to those truly in need. Xavier graduate Matthew Mellon, class of 2009, describes his life changing experience with post-grad volunteering.

What was your scenario that made you decide upon your year of service?
A year of service was a logical place to start my career after college. I always knew I wanted to work in something related to social justice. At that point in my life, I was also exploring the connection between social justice and faith. So, spending a year with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps fit my priorities quite well, because they were a faith-based program and most of their service placements were explicitly focused on social justice. 

Did you attend the post-grad fair during your time at Xavier?
I did attend! I went my Junior and Senior years.

What is it you did during your year of service?
Immediately after graduation, I went into my year of service with Lutheran Volunteer Corps. I was placed at DC Employment Justice Center, a law center for low-wage workers. I worked on the advocacy team, where I lobbied for workplace protections for low wage workers in Washington, DC at the city council. I also did some case work with our clients and helped them navigate legal issues related to their employment (I was supervised by an attorney). I heard about Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) through a friend who had applied a year earlier. I also think I talked to them at Xavier's Post Grad Service Fair, but I can't remember for sure.

 Did this require you to re-locate from your hometown? Did you complete the year of service alone or with others you knew?
Yes, I left my hometown of Cincinnati, and relocated to DC. I didn't know anyone beforehand, but I became good friends with most of the other 21 people in my LVC cohort.

What are you most glad about after having completed your year?
Well, this is a bit difficult to answer. There are many things that I am deeply appreciative of after finishing my year of service (which was four years ago). If I had to pick one, I think it was learning about the policy-making process in DC City Council, and more importantly how important policy advocacy is in social justice work. Advocacy has been my career, in one way or another, since finishing my year of service.

What followed your year of service?
Right afterward, I started a one year leadership development program called Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship, which took me to Arizona to work on hunger related issues. After that, I moved back to DC and worked for several years in health policy, then as a researcher at a hospital. Now, I am in graduate school pursuing degrees in public health and public policy.

Although Matthew’s experience was within the United States, there are many international opportunities as well! A year of service could be a great opportunity to explore a career field and gain experience.  To find out, attend the Graduate School and Year-of-Service Fair on October 28!

Click here for more information!

Cheers to the future,
Jenny Mendoza

The Career Games: We All Volunteer As Tributes

Written on 12:54 PM by Xavier Career Development

Hello fellow Musketeers and welcome back to what is going to be a great year here at Xavier University! The month of September has kicked off which means leaves are covering the ground, pumpkin spiced lattes are back, and let’s not forget something equally as exciting and important: The Fall Career Fair! The Career Fair is the time twice a year where all of us Xavier students are able to step forward, present our best professional selves, and throw ourselves into the working world force hoping to come out of the district (our in our case, Cintas Center) a winner! The Career Fair is Tuesday, September 16 from 3:00-6:00 in Cintas Center. For those who may not be familiar with what the Career Fair is, it is an event where over 84 registered organizations (such as Luxxotica, Dewey’s, and Kroger) will have the chance to meet students and alumni interested in full time and part time jobs, as well as internship positions.

The Fall Career Fair is not something to be intimated by, but is something that should be given some time and effort prior to attending- much like attending class! One word is going to lead to key success at the Fall Career Fair: research! Doing your research beforehand allows you to know both the employers present and whom they are looking to hire. Having this prepared knowledge is going to save yourself and the employers from wasting time and allows for more efficiency all around!

A few pro-tips that will allow for a successful career fair:
·         Research companies that are attending the fair, and match those to your degree and interest(s.)
·         Prioritize your time!
-          Stop by organizations that you are strongly interested in first.
-          Next, stop by organizations that may not be hiring in your field but you still have an interest in.
-          Finally, network yourself! Make yourself known-you never know when a recruiter could think of you!

After you have completed your research and are ready to attend the fair, keep the following in mind:
·         Re-vamp your resume and bring multiple copies with you!
·         Dress professionally and appropriately.
·         Be confident- keep eye contact and practice a firm handshake!
·         Most importantly, just be yourself!

Whether this will be the first career fair you attend, or this may be one of your final career fairs here at Xavier, the Career Development Office is always here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Check out our website:

May the odds be ever in your favor,
Jenny Mendoza

Summer-Work Hard, Play Hard

Written on 11:40 AM by Xavier Career Development

Summer. For some of us, we know exactly when that moment may begin- for me, summer begins on May 9th at 12 pm. While we may be able to pinpoint exactly when it is that our summers begin, are we all able to give a definition of what our summers may entail?

Summer is my favorite season and I would enjoy nothing more than catching up with friends, going swimming, and just having fun. As ideal as that sounds for a lot of people, summer actually can be the most productive season for your résumés!  Whether you are traveling, studying abroad, or working, summer is definitely the time to get a jump-start on your career path.

Working or having an internship isn’t the only thing that employers look for when reading résumés. The smallest things that you do can go a long way. A great example of this is volunteering. If you go on a weeklong service trip or just volunteer at the free clinic in your spare time, volunteering is something that employers love to see listed on your résumé. Remember to take down names and numbers of supervisors you worked with in order to use them as a resource later on down the road!

Studying abroad is another great résumé add-on. This shows that although you were not in the country working over the summer, you were focusing on your studies and still gaining great experience establishing yourself around the globe.

Finally, an internship, co-op, or full time or part time job is just as useful as any of the summer options already talked about. Whether it is a new experience or maybe a repeat of an experience from last summer, there is always something to add onto or spice up your résumé.  Keep your eyes open and remember the different ways that you made your work experience one to remember- whether it is updating the company website, creating ads, or promoting the business in your everyday life through social media!

So, whether you are working in a bakery or in a high-rise building downtown, be sure to make the most of your 3 month vacation. You only have so many to embrace!

From Chicago, Illinois
Jenny Mendoza

The How-To Guide for Social Media

Written on 7:37 AM by Xavier Career Development

Social media-we hear this phrase often in school, work, and pop culture. What exactly does it mean? Most people immediately think of the usual suspects Facebook and Twitter, but this is hardly the full definition of the term “social media.” Social media can be used for good, for bad, for fun, and for business.  As college students and growing adults in the work world, when and how can we properly use social media?

We all know the drill. You’re sitting in class or you’re sitting at work and suddenly the lecture or meeting becomes extremely boring so you go ahead and decide to check Twitter, or maybe even tweet about how boring that class or meeting is. Perhaps it’s a Monday morning and you’re sifting through your photos from the weekend, and decide to go ahead and post them- as flattering or as unflattering as they may be.

While all these things are certainly tasks to keep us busy and things to keep others entertained with, checking, posting, liking, swiping, pinning, or you name it may not always be the smartest or most career-savvy move. Since we are college students, hoping to move into the working world after graduation, it is important to remember that we should use our best judgment.

Think about it this way: if you were a boss or supervisor coming around checking on your employees and you see one of them sitting in their office being unproductive and checking their news feed, what would you think of this employee? You would see that they are not valuing their time at work and that they are re-directing their energy elsewhere. In another example, what if you and your boss were Facebook friends and s/he happened to see those not so flattering pictures of you and your friends out the weekend before? That’s probably not the image your boss would want representing the company you work for.

I myself use social media everyday and I know first hand it certainly is not easy to always be consciously thinking “Is this appropriate to share? Do I really care who sees it?” The good news is that in the work world, there for sure is one source of social media that is completely acceptable to be used during and outside of work: LinkedIn! LinkedIn is the professional social media site of the business world, it is Facebook with a suit. It is a networking site that allows you to upload your resume, connect with other professionals, and discover the latest news and professional ventures! LinkedIn is definitely something that employers love to see being constantly updated, and being used to help promote your career! 

So, in this crazy busy world where everyone wants to know where you are and how you feel about that doughnut you just bought from the coffee shop down the street, just remember that there is a time and place for everything. Maybe someone is looking to hire at that coffee shop and is interested in you!

On the flip-side of the computer screen,
Jenny Mendoza

eRecruiting: Making the internship search easier!

Written on 1:54 PM by Xavier Career Development

“Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies?!” Although this quote from Charlie Kelly may be a bit exaggerated, this is certainly how beginning the job or internship search process may seem.

The first step is the most challenging, and that is finding jobs or internships; whether they are right in your backyard or over 500 miles away. Google seems to be the answer to everything now-a-days. But rather than tirelessly typing “marketing internships in Chicago” or whatever major and location you’re interested in, there is a much simpler solution for us Xavier students- eRecruiting! eRecruiting is Xavier’s online job and internship site that is exclusive to Xavier students and alumni. Everyone has an account that is easy to use! To log in, use your 9 digit banner ID followed by XU. The password is Jobs. Now you’re in!
eRecruiting is a fantastic tool to use for many reasons. First off, this website is specifically tailored for Xavier students. Jobs, internships, and co-ops are all career-related opportunities from employers specifically seeking Xavier candidates. (Talk about the Power of X!) Once you find your ideal job or internship, most of the time all you have to do is upload your resume and cover letter, then click on “apply,” and voila! Super easy.

I personally love using eRecruiting because the website is very user-friendly and simple to follow.  Aside from most internship or job recruiting websites, eRecruiting allows you to specify exactly what it is you are looking for. Using the keyword function allows you to sort through a number of different search options from specific career functions to location! For example, if you wanted to zoom in on graphic design internships, you can search by those terms to find experiences related to that field.

On your personalized homepage, you will find a list of Xavier’s upcoming career events, programs, and job fairs; giving us Xavier students extra information we may find helpful. You can also sign up for on-campus interviews as well. Other links, such as Going Global, provide job seekers with helpful resources about job searching in US cities and other countries. So if you have always wanted to live in Italy, this resource will give you great tips on an international job search.

Along with being utilized as a “search engine,” eRecruiting allows you to become very personal with your search history. eRecruiting allows users to upload and save their resumes, cover letters, writing samples, and other documents. eRecruiting also keeps track of your application history in order for you to return and track your progress.
So, along with Easter, Reese’s Eggs, and warm spring weather, be sure to stay on top of the internship/job search! Recruiters are sitting on the other end of the computer screen awaiting your application- make it easy on yourself and utilize eRecruiting to your advantage!

Hoping the Easter Bunny brings you a job or internship,
Jenny Mendoza

Finding A Major, Not Necessarily The Answer

Written on 11:35 AM by Xavier Career Development

“You must declare a major by the end of your sophomore year” were probably the most intimidating 12 words I have heard in my two and a half years here at Xavier. Although I originally entered my first semester freshman year as an Athletic Training major, that game plan was one that was not fully executed. I found that was not the major for me, and was absolutely lost once I found myself to be undeclared. I had no idea where to even start thinking of new career ideas- because finding and declaring a major is basically setting the path for the rest of your life right? Nope! Not at all.

Knowing Xavier as the Jesuit institution where we are men and women for others, I turned to the Career Development Office and met with a career counselor. This resource was one that not even Google could help me with. I met with my counselor many times and discussed everything- she really wanted to know not just what it is I might want to do, but who I am and how I could fit in many career positions that I had never thought of myself.

I was able to discover this by taking three different assessments: MyPlan, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Strong Interest Inventory. Between all three of these assessments, I was able to view how my personal interests and work styles mashed together with not only various professions, but also their work environments and values. After I completed these, along with discussions with my counselor, the fog on my career window was gradually starting to fade away.

So, before you freak out and think that college just isn’t for you, take a deep breath and as the saying goes, “keep calm.” Don’t let the titles of the majors and minors offered at Xavier scare you into thinking you are destined to one career path and that you have to discover it alone. There are so many people available who want to help you out! Talking it out with an adult who has experienced the same things as you really is the best way to see all solutions to your task at hand.With Fall 2014 course scheduling around the corner, it’s a great time to start this process, whether you are undecided or unsure about your current major.

For more help on selecting a major or visiting Career Development, please visit:

All for One and One for All,
Jenny Mendoza

Interview Anxiety? Fear No More!

Written on 7:04 AM by Xavier Career Development

Job interview. One of the most daunting tasks on your calendar. Also, one of the most important tasks for college students to master.

It is hard to believe that it was my junior year of college before I had my first official interview for an internship. It was incredibly nerve-wracking. But, why? Why does it always seem so difficult to talk about yourself? The essential behavioral questions, strengths and weaknesses, and what if’s; it is almost always the same in every interview. So, for those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about, or for those of you who want to know, read on.

There are helpful hints about acing interviews everywhere you turn. In today’s market there are a multitude of successful and unique students striving for the same positions. We have no choice but to stand out and be remembered. Harvard Business Review author Amy Gallo offers a few quick and easy tips that actually do help, trust me. 

“Prepare, prepare, prepare.” Seriously, prepare. If you walk into an interview without knowing anything about the position, how are you going to market yourself as a perfect choice for that position? Make sure you know the qualities you have that align with the job description and make sure to address those confidently in the interview. Knowing yourself is the easy part. Make sure you also prepare by knowing the brand of the company, their mission and their vision for their employees, as well as their customers. If possible find out who is interviewing you, and dig up all the information you can on them. Prepare yourself by going into the interview knowing all about how you, the company, and the interviewer could be a great match.

“Emphasize your potential.” After all of your intricate preparation you may find that some parts of the job you are vying for are not necessarily your best skills. Keep in mind that no interviewer expects you to know how to do everything on the job description list perfectly. Exhibit the fact that you are willing to learn and that you’re good at learning, after all you are a Xavier student!

“Ace the first thirty seconds.” Your entire life you’ve been told that first impressions make a difference, well, with interviews it’s no different. Look the part, talk the part, and walk the part. Make sure you appear excited to be there, introduce yourself first, and stand up straight. Remember that even if you give a stellar answer to a question a blank facial expression will run it right into the ground. Your body language and facial expressions speak just as loud as your words, if not louder.  

In her article, Gallo offers more helpful tips, so for the full story click here. Make sure to keep an eye out for the post-spring break blog on declaring or changing a major. Until then, remember to take these tips to those interviews!

Good luck Muskies!
Victoria Sabato
Career Development Office Guest Blogger

Link Yourself to Success

Written on 8:23 AM by Xavier Career Development

Most college students have heard by now that they should create a LinkedIn profile.  If you haven’t already done so, creating a professional page would be a wise decision.  LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool to help grow your professional career.  Not only does the site expand your professional network, but it communicates your personal brand and connects you to opportunities to help you grow your career and your business. 

Creating a profile is the easy part, but how do you make your page stand out to employers?  Here are some helpful tips to enhance your LinkedIn page. 

-       Be sure your profile photo represents you as a business professional… your picture is likely the first thing viewed and first impressions count! Lucky for you, the CDO is providing free professional head shots at the spring Career Fair on February 18th!

-       Have a strong headline to get noticed.  Your profile is not the place to be shy!  Write a concise yet descriptive headline to stand out.

-       Talk about ALL of your relevant experience!  Every experience makes you more marketable even if it isn’t paid or called by a fancy title.    

-       Add rich media to visually enhance your profile and showcase your work.  (40% of people respond better to visual info than plain text and 46.1% of people say a website’s design is the #1 criterion for determining the credibility of a company.)   

So now that you have a strong, stand out profile, here are some cool things you can take advantage of on LinkedIn.

-       Search the “Student Jobs Portal” for a list of all the entry-level job and internship postings on LinkedIn.

-       Ask your networks for help! 70% of jobs are found through networking, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your connections and ask about job openings or advice.

-       Visit “Company pages” of the organizations where you want to work and see if you’re connected to anyone who works there or has previously worked there. 

-       Check out LinkedIn’s “Alumni Tool” to see what Xavier grads are doing today.

There are so many different features to LinkedIn that students don’t realize are available.  It can be the major link to you landing your dream job.  So get out there, strengthen that profile, and start connecting!

For more helpful tips on using LinkedIn, please visit:

Live, Laugh, and LinkedIn Muskies,
Bridget Tully
Career Development Office Intern 

Relocate...Why Not??

Written on 3:58 PM by Xavier Career Development

Looking for a job or internship in a city besides Cincinnati may seem like it would be a very complicated process.  Many students and alumni may feel like they don’t know where to begin that search.  But if you haven’t learned by now, the Career Development Office at Xavier is here to help you! 

Xavier University has a reciprocity agreement with all the other Jesuit universities in the country.  This agreement means that any student or alum can utilize various services provided by these career service offices at any of the schools that hold this reciprocity agreement.  You can locate a Jesuit university in the city of your choice and possibly go visit their career services office for help finding job connections in that particular city.  This agreement sometimes allows for you to attend job fairs that the university holds as well as possible access to their online job database.  These are just a couple examples of the many advantages that the reciprocity agreement can offer. 

Another way to go about relocating is to do what I did.  I have lived in Cincinnati for most of my life so I knew I wanted to expand my horizons and look for positions outside of Cincinnati.  I had about five cities that I knew I would love to live in but they were scattered all over the map.  Therefore, in my job search process, I made sure to look at companies that were either national companies or companies that have locations in cities besides Cincinnati.  I visited company websites to research their location options.  Then, at the Fall Career Fair I made it a point to ask organizations if relocation was an option as well as which city locations had job openings. Location was an aspect of the job that was very important to me so if relocation was not possible, then I was able to rule out that company. 

My advice would be to think of about five ideal cities that you would like to live in.  If you are not sure about specific cities, then maybe just pick a region that you think you would enjoy.  Then, I would look for Jesuit schools in that area.  It would be extremely helpful to visit the Career Development Office for help in this department or for more details on how the reciprocity agreement works. 

While it may seem scary to move out of your comfort zone, there are plenty of people and resources out there to help you.  Set yourself up for success by utilizing all of these tremendous resources!

Up Up and Away Muskies,
Bridget Tully
Career Development Intern 

Seniors- Let the Countdown Begin!

Written on 10:03 AM by Xavier Career Development

Seniors… with 124 days left until graduation, what are you doing to get yourself ready for life after college?  Have you thought about where you want to live after graduation?  Or maybe thought about a job you’ve always dreamed of having?  We’ve all heard by now that in the job search, it’s all about who you know.  So make the transition easier for yourself by building a strong network now!

There are so many different networking opportunities available to us to take advantage of!  The career fair coming up in February is an excellent networking opportunity.  It is a convenient way to speak with several different employers all in one day.  Even if you don’t plan on working for a certain organization, there is no harm in simply introducing yourself for a brief conversation.  You never know where your paths may cross in the future! 

Your mentor is another great network!  Mentors not only give advice on the best ways to extend your network, but they can connect you with their contacts as well.  They may know someone that works for an organization you find interesting, or maybe they know someone with the job title you someday want, or maybe their cousin works in the city that you want to live in- then that cousin can tell you the best and most cost efficient areas to live in. 

Tap into networks that may not seem obvious!  We all have friends that have graduated- talk to them and find out if they have friends that you could add to your network.  Ask your aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friend’s siblings… people love talking about themselves so anyone would be flattered to hear that you want their advice!

Another convenient networking opportunity is offered in The Career Development Office.  The office schedules employer resume critiques where real employers are available in the office to sit down with.  Not only will they help you improve your resume, but you get to speak with them in an informal setting.  Rarely do we get the opportunity to speak with employers in a relaxed environment where we can hear first-hand what they want to see on a resume, so be sure to take advantage of this!  Visit the CDO site to see the Employer Resume Review dates.

This last semester at Xavier is going to fly by for us seniors, so let’s take advantage of our time here!  After college these networking opportunities probably won’t be so readily available so make the most of what the university offers! 

Let the countdown begin Muskies,
Bridget Tully
Career Development Office Intern